From humble beginnings as a paracord bracelet maker (tactical man knitter, as someone told me), I became intetested is custom paracord projects, then into making law enforcement specific items. A small sample of my products can be seen at

My interests include knives, shiny kit, and good action books and movies among other things. I also like new gadgets, backpacks and bright flashlights.


Last year, SnakeDr at Oscar Delta sold a Zero Dark Glow Tab. There were only 9, with SnakeDr saying that those were the only ones ever to be made. I was fortunate enough to be able to get one, they sold out very quickly.

As I was showing it around to my friends, there was a lot of interest in these. They were sad that they had missed out on the chance to purchase one. I began searching for a suitable material to make something similar to the original Glow Tab.

I finally found something that would work. I ordered a batch, and began making Glow Markers. Instantly, I understood why SnakeDr said there would be no more Glow Tabs. They are very labor intensive. I decided to make two types. The first is made to hang off of paracord or a dog tag chain. Both sides are visible, which gives a little more light output. The second type has industrial Velcro attached to the back. This allows it to be attached to bags, coats, uniforms, etc. I made them a little smaller, so they would more easily fit alongside other patches and insignia. I also included a piece of female Velcro, so they can be attached to a dashboard, inside a locker, or wherever.

When first charged, they are bright enough to read by. After a few minutes, the glow begins to fade. They are visible in the dark for at least 8 hours. They will charge from just about any light source- sun, incandescent/LED/LCD/CFL bulbs, and smart phone lights.

I finished a batch and many were quickly claimed. Each one is handmade, so no two are exactly alike. I have a total of 9 left. If you are interested in one, I am selling them for $18 each, shipped anywhere.

Contact me at If there is enough interest, I will make another batch of them.

Oscar Delta-

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